Into the Light

by The Lucky 12

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Step Into the Light Take that record off don't you know it’s dangerous... Three chords and the truth will make a wreck of us. When Hank sings with that lonesome sound, Darkness falls when you put the needle down. Step out into the light, Only good can come of this. And though there is beauty in the songs of sadness Don't let it be all there is. Those songs will mess you up, You'll never have enough. You'll forever be stuck in a minor key, Out of love and out of luck. Make sure Nancy plays only once in a very blue moon. And Gillian breaks your heart when she sings an old time tune. When Lyle sings the Family Reserve, You'll get the misery you deserve! Don’t you get lost with Lucinda on a gravel road. Or go out with Josh dressed up like Nebraska. Or hit the road with Ryan to Sweet Carolina. Take the wrong turn to total disaster.
Summertime 03:20
Summertime It's been a long time since we felt the sunshine, Since we gave ourselves the time to see. It's time to break out, to dance out of the shadows, It's not the way that we were meant to be. Say you will, Come round one day old friend of mine. And together we'll make the dark days shine - Like the Summer Time. It's been a long time since you were a friend of mine, We've lost a lot of years since way back then. But you can't lose real love, it stays locked inside, Until we've missed enough to meet again. There is no time left in life for the good things. We all say we're fine, But behind our eyes Is the feeling we're not living any more It's been a long time since we felt the sunshine, Since we left our better selves behind. When we were younger we were wiser too, Looking back we never were so blue. ©Duncan Whitehurst
Save Me 04:28
Save Me You're not listening while I'm speaking. We all want something new but there's nothing we can do. It's all there waiting, the things we dreamed we'd have. We all want something new, but no one is giving. Save me from dreams, They all turn bad - They're all we ever had. So tell me truly do we Keep holding on - Is believing this is so wrong? I am sleeping but my eyes are open, And all you want to do is to have a dream come true. With years of waiting and not much doing, There's not much of a chance of one thing happening. I'm so tired but I still can't sleep. There is no fire in my heart to keep me up. We have run out of luck. What have we done? We watch the television - switch it on and off, Go out and have a laugh. Is this everything that we were born to do? We thought we'd change the world - But what little we knew. ©Duncan Whitehurst
End of the World The moon lies down with the sun, And the stars all melt into one. It's the end of them world. You don't believe what the experts say, You laugh in the face of The End of Days It's the end of the world Don't be sad, we've had a good life girl. With all we've done and undone, Not every race can be run. It's the end of the world. Spring doesn't come like it should, Not as well, not as good. It's the end of the world. A 'hard rain is going to fall', And a hurricane's gonna get Ye all! It's the end of the world. We had a long time when the sun shone on our lives. We walked the wrong line, Now we're out of time, the greatest minds can't save us now. I stand with you beneath the stars On this small blue planet of ours, At the end of the world. We've taken all that She can give. We can't accept, we can't believe, It's the end of the world It's the end of the world. The end of the world. ©Duncan Whitehurst
Happy 02:39
Happy Well I hope you're happy now that everybody's sad. You've used your power and taken everything we had. And there's always reasons to make what you do feel right. Well I hope you're happy and you sleep at night. All of our days were taken by your hand - Are you happy now? I hope you're happy you've got everything you need. With your dreams of Empire and the Daily Mail to believe As you cast down judgement on the 'scoundrels' and the 'cheats' Who are less than numbers on the balance sheet Who gave you ownership of words Like what is 'fair' and what is 'right'? Politicians of the playground rule our televisions as we fight. We fight amongst ourselves While the country goes to hell. I hope you're happy now that you have got your way. We're all in this together as long as we do what you say. Damn our neighbours for their failings and never question government. Yes Britain's getting greater if you're in the one percent. Are you happy? ©Duncan Whitehurst
Penny Arcade 03:55
Penny Arcade The summer's here and our plans are made, I'm going to meet my friends on the South Parade. Going to steal some money And make my way to the Penny Arcade. The smell of salt in the sand and sea, The Isley Brothers singing summer breeze. The All-Win, Flickball, Cakewalk and Crane's got a pull on me. We're giving it all away, day after summer's day, Wasting all the money we have made. We're giving it all the way, that's what our mothers say. This is not how millionaires are made In the Penny Arcade. My best friend Griff is a tuppence tycoon, He studies the form in the top room. Knows every wheel on the Nudgers, He's going to be winning big soon. And Karen's got no time for our money making schemes, She's got top score on the driving machines. She drives the boys crazy - How can a girl be so cool and so mean? Tommy says, "get out of here Sonny! Hanging around the machines all day Won't to make you any money, 'Cause I'm going to take it all away. And me I'm the king of the penny falls, Watch the layers fill up and I'll win it all. The Cliffe Norton ladies don't notice me I'm so young and so small. With as many pennies as my pockets allow I'm the king of the room right now. I wish I could make this last for ever But I don't know how. ©Duncan Whitehurst
Rockhopping 03:25
Rockhopping It's a high tide today And the storm's a-coming. I'll call round your house on the way And hope that you'll come running Down to the sea, With no stopping. Come with me, We'll go Rock Hopping. Pick your rock of choice And stand courageous Against the wicked waves and the salty noise. Embrace the danger. Who will be the first to run And who will take no stopping? Who will be the last one To stay Rock Hopping? We and the sea are one In the wild and windy weather. Soaked to the skin beneath the setting sun We could stay for ever. But home through the town Dripping a river behind. Frowns on the faces of the ladies shopping. What's wrong with young people today? They go Rock Hopping. ©Duncan Whitehurst
Sleepers Awake! Sleepers awake! Before it's too late. Put an end to your dreaming and plans. Although some say it's wise to take your time, The world will not wait as they slip through your hands. The letters you'd write, the sorrys that you'd say, The wrongs you would right given one more day. The clock keeps ticking the time's getting late. The world will not wait. Sleepers awake! Don't live a life to another's plan, You hold the future in your hand. Time deals the cards but you choose what you take. The world will not wait, Sleepers Awake! ©Duncan Whitehurst
House 03:27
House It's jumping cold outside. The moon is as bright as a new pin. The dangerous clouds whip across the sky. A wolf of a wind is howling. With one more bang on the door, And one more crack in the wall, This house is going to blow down, It's going to blow down soon, It's going to blow down. It's nothing without you. The day you left the sky was mirror-blue. The sun shone on a new day casting shadows in the hall. As you walked away your footsteps were sure and true. Step-by-step the clouds came into view. And it can't stand tall. And it can't face it all. This house and the land, It needs more than love to make it stand. There's a lifetime of damp in the walls. Bats in the attic and floods in the hall. The trees bend and break the whole night long. Nothing is right. Everything's wrong. This house is going to blow down soon. ©Duncan Whitehurst
Bench 06:10
Bench Every morning the sun shines your walking, And sit yourself down On one of the benches with a gallery view. With a name behind you of someone fine who Left a hole in a life On leaving the world to someone blue. A bench with a name on it, What could be wrong with it? How do you get a bench with a name? I could be beside you To protect and guide you Every day that you sit on a bench with a name. Line by line sentinels of the time That we were together And thought that we'd never be torn apart. Seagulls they wheel and sing, "People are fragile things, Surprised when they see They break so easily as do dreams and hearts". Beneath the big sky on Castle Hill I Share all your stories and witness your worries And put a wooden arm around you. I'm a name behind you - a guardian angel sent to guide you through Every twist in your life When nothing goes right and you don't know what to do. I could be behind you To protect and guide you Every day that you sit on a bench with a name. ©Duncan Whitehursz


released January 20, 2019


all rights reserved



The Lucky 12 Wales, UK

Duncan and Rebecca Whitehurst started out as a duo over 30 years ago and were well-established on the folk music scene when they formed the 'almost-legendary' folk-rock band The Rainkings. The Lucky 12 sees them return to their acoustic roots, with Jack Deere-Jones on double bass and Harry Whitehurst on percussion, producing a remarkable set of beautifully-crafted new songs. ... more

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